April 9 Protest Update

Some updates on the Westbastards protests coming to Virginia Tech on Friday. (I will no longer mention their name here. I refuse to give them any more search engine hits than necessary.)

They’ve changed the scheduling:
Jewish Center @ 12:15
Roanoke & Main @ 12:45
Blacksburg Middle School @ 1:30

It looks like they found out the high school is closed, and they’ve shifted everything so they can be at the Middle School when the middle school students are leaving and the high school students are arriving.

The big counter-protest will be held at the Virginia Tech Graduate Life Center on the downtown edge of campus, and is set to start at noon. There may be other counter-protests set up elsewhere.

The Jewish Community Center has asked that no one stage a counter-protest there, and they will be closed down and the building empty. They will not give them any attention and ask that others do the same. They are also concerned about the possibility of damage to the building if large groups show up, as it is the only building in this area for Jewish religious, social and cultural events.

According to the Roanoke Times:

Uniformed and plain-clothes police will be present at all three [redacted] protest locations. Tech and Christiansburg police and the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office will assist, and Virginia State Police will be on standby.

Now that it seems things have settled down, I don’t plan on any more updates before the protests unless there is a significant change. They’re getting too much attention already.

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