Arrest in Blue Ridge Parkway Shooting

Police have made an arrest in the Blue Ridge Parkway shooting that occurred Monday morning.

Ralph Leon Jackson, 56, was arrested Wednesday by SWAT team deputies without a struggle at his home in Stuarts Draft, about 10 miles from the overlook near the parkway’s northern end where a man and woman were shot two days earlier, Augusta County Sheriff Randy Fisher said.

Jackson implicated himself but didn’t explain why he pulled into the Rock Point Overlook and shot two people from his car window, Fisher said.

“There was no rhyme or reason,” said Fisher, who wouldn’t talk about Jackson’s mental condition. “We don’t know why.”

They found the car that was used, and a shotgun (the article states it was “the shotgun […] used in the shootings,” but I doubt there’s any definitive way to positively link the shotgun with the attack except visual identification by one of the victims – and if there is, I doubt it could be done so quickly).

This is an interesting item.

Detectives will compare evidence in the parkway shootings with the unsolved slayings of Heidi Childs and David Metzler, Virginia Tech students who were shot in August while parked at a campground in the Jefferson National Forest in Montgomery County, Fisher said.

I wonder if that’s just to be thorough, or if they have reason to suspect a link?

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