I knew this was coming

Dan Casey is at it again. Of course, this time he’s panicking over the “Guns in Restaurants” bill that was just passed.

Whether this prospect frightens you, excites you, or instantly makes you feel more secure, here’s a true story.

It’s about a couple of Virginia concealed-carry permit holders, and another guy, and events that unfolded in a Blacksburg bar on Aug. 30, 1997.

They wound up at Arnold’s Restaurant, a since-closed bar in downtown Blacksburg.

The Scales twins and their older brother Leon and their uncle, Marlin Scales, were at Arnold’s as well. And the twins had handguns in their pockets.

The trouble started because one of the men in the Scales group flirted with one of the women in the wedding party.

That launched an argument, which became a shoving match, which may or may not have caused Bullard to grab Kerry Scales’ neck and begin choking him.

What happened next is not in dispute.

Kerry Scales pulled his .357-caliber revolver out of his pocket and fired five shots into Bullard’s chest and abdomen. Bullard crumpled to the dance floor.

Someone else threw Terry Scales down on the ground. He pulled his .38-caliber revolver and wildly fired two shots.

One struck Bullard in the head. The other struck Paul Shoemaker, the groom’s cousin, in the chest. He was critically wounded but later recovered.

Bullard was dead on the spot.


There you have it. One man dead, two brothers serving long prison sentences. Three lives ruined. Because of two handguns in a bar.

And now, nearly 13 years later, it will be legal for concealed handgun permit holders to take their hidden pistols into Virginia bars and restaurants that serve alcohol.


The new law levels the playing field, they say.

But this can only result in more guns in Virginia bars.

That cannot be a good thing.

Those permit-holding gun hiders will most likely be trained and sane (though not necessarily).

And at least they will be law-abiding citizens with clean criminal records.

Just as the Scales brothers were — until Aug. 30, 1997.

Typical fear-mongering and anti-gun drivel from Dan Casey. I commented, comparing it to this shooting in Nevada in 1998, but I really don’t know why I bother with him. Maybe I just hope to convince a fence-sitter or two.

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