I must be a masochist or something

Because here I go debating with Dan Casey again. This time, he’s complaining about the fact that the recent law authorizing Virginia schools to teach gun safety to young children specifies the NRA’s Eddie Eagle program.

He laments the fact that the National Crime Prevention Council’s program was removed from the law as an option – despite the fact that the NCPC admits that their program is outdated, and that they don’t have the resources (or any plans, apparently) to bring it up to date. He also quotes the Violence Policy Center’s Josh Sugermann pretty heavily, including a comparison of Eddie Eagle (the mascot) to Joe Camel.

Sure, Josh (and Dan). Maybe if Joe Camel had been used to teach kids not to smoke, that might be a valid comparison. But don’t let a little thing like the truth stop you.

I sense much frustration in my future.

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