Cooperate with the criminals and they won’t hurt you…

if they give you a chance to cooperate, that is:

Police: Danville Man Shot in Home Invasion

The victim told officers he was just sitting in his home and heard a loud bang at the rear door. Then he says two black men broke into the home, so he tried to run. That’s when he says one of the intruders shot him.

No demands, they just shot him when he tried to run.

Then there’s the convenience store robbery/murder that happened on Thursday/Friday:

It happened just after midnight Thursday at B.G.’s Express on Chatham Heights Road. Surveillance video shows three men enter the store wearing dark clothing with bandanas covering their faces. One of them had a rifle and opened fire, hitting both workers.

None of the stories I’ve read about this indicate that they made any demands before firing. How do you cooperate with that?

More importantly, why do the people who tell you to cooperate want you to trust your life to a violent criminal – in a situation that proves that he can’t be trusted?

Carry your gun! It’s the best tool for self-defense – so you don’t have to trust your life to the good will of someone who may kill you just for the fun of it.

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