The Second Amendment applies to the States!

Breaking News:

Just got an email alert from the VCDL that the SCOTUS opinion in Chicago v. McDonald has announced. SCOTUSblog seems to be overwhelmed right now and I can’t get it to load consistently – especially the liveblog.

Updates as I can get them and get them posted.

Update – 1026hrs:

The opinion is up and can be found here. It’s 214 pages.

Update – 1038hrs:

Per SayUncle:


Due process

Majority divided on standard.

Thomas for P&I

This makes me think Due Process will control, but P&I may have had some new life breathed into it. It will probably take a couple of days for me to read through the whole thing.

Update – 1147hrs:

Via Jenn at A Conservative Shemale, we have the AP article from the Washington Post.

Also, anyone have any guesses on where the first suit to arise from this will be? I’m thinking either California or Massachusetts.

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