Virginia’s restaurant ban is officially ended!

Today is, of course, July 1st. In Virginia, July 1st is the day that laws passed in the last legislative session normally take effect. This year, that means the bill repealing the ban on concealed carry in restaurants that serve alcohol finally takes effect. Law abiding CHP holders no longer have to choose between leaving their weapon secured in their vehicle glass box, or open carrying and risking some anti-gunner panicking and calling the police about a “man with a gun.” They can leave it concealed and just walk in, just like any other law abiding citizen, as long as they don’t drink any alcohol.

I will be celebrating by having lunch while carrying concealed, at a local restaurant that serves alcohol (and not drinking – imagine that!). I imagine the alcohol fumes at the restaurant will not combine with the mind control rays from my pistol to cause me to shoot up the place. I expect that nothing will happen, just like every time I’ve gone to the same restaurant when the law required me to be unarmed.

Also, just as a big “F U” to the MSM, I’ve specifically chosen a restaurant that is arguably a bar. I was a bit torn on that selection, though. I thought about going to the Chinese restaurant near the office, because of the way the MSM abused the “guns in bars” lie to try and stop the bill, and that restaurant is about as far from a bar as you can get and still be a sit-down type place. It would be a demonstration of the lie.

Instead, I decided to go with the “bar” to show that, even with legal “guns in bars” nothing would happen (guns in “bars” were legal before, as long as they weren’t concealed – just don’t expect the media to admit that). It will demonstrate that the media’s predictions of mass drunken gunfights just aren’t true.

Also, their Thursday special is half-off appetizers, and I’m in the mood for some mozzarella sticks today.

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