Defensive Gun Use (DGU) caught on video

Courtesy of Weer’d Beard (and the local MSM), we can see this excellent video of an unquestionably valid DGU as an armed thug tries to rob a business.

He’s armed – you can clearly see what appears to be a gun in his right hand several times during the video. He’s violently forcing his way into the cashier’s office of the business (some kind of drive through store), slamming his body against the door repeatedly in his attempts to knock it open. He’s blatantly committing this violent crime in broad daylight, in front of multiple witnesses. A recent robbery at a nearby convenience store resulted in the clerk there being shot – even though she had complied with the robber’s demands.

This woman had every reason to believe that her life was in danger. When he finally battered the door open and forced his way in, she shot him.

There are a few points that come to mind after watching this video.

1. The police did not arrive in time to stop the robber. You can see one of the clerks on the phone, most likely calling 911. The police are still not there when the robber breaks through the door and gets shot. Notice that he was able to force the door open less than 45 seconds into the video. Do you think the police can get there from even just two or three blocks away in less than 45 seconds, including the time it takes the dispatcher to get the information they need to tell the closest officer where to go? “When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.”

2. The robber appears to have been significantly larger and/or more physically fit than anyone else in the office. (This could be a trick of perspective from the video.) Those who would ban guns would have us return to a time when the strong and fit have the weaker and disabled at their mercy. Does anyone really think these ladies could have fought him off if guns were banned and he had, say, a knife? Maybe they could have, but they would likely have been seriously hurt, possibly killed, if they had tried. He has the initiative, he’s hopped up on adrenaline (and possibly drugs), and he’s mentally prepared to be violent and hurt people. The gun is an equalizer. It’ s what let a frightened woman fight off a larger, violent attacker. “God made men. Sam Colt made men equal.”

3. This is not a situation where training would make much difference. As commenter Bob S. pointed out at Weer’d World:

Now a question for those who want to license, examine, test, and require training; how much training was necessary for her to pull out the gun and fire it from 3 feet away?
How proficient did she have to be with the firearm to stop the criminal?

Training is good, but it’s not an absolute necessity for most situations in which a law-abiding person will actually need to use their gun. Many, if not most, DGU situations tend to be like this one in key aspects – they are at close range, against someone who is unquestionably the “bad guy.” Many are at or near contact range. Training is good, but most defensive situations do not require a $300 – $500 training course to prepare for.

4. Don’t count on others to help. Notice the delivery guy in that video? Notice how he’s not even trying anything to help, even when the robber turns his back and is running at the door to ram it? He doesn’t even run to cover so he can call 911, he just stands there! Remember this obscenity? If people won’t fight to stop a grown man from beating a 2 year old child to death, why should we expect anyone to help an adult? You are responsible for your own defense.

5. Carry your guns, people. You don’t know ahead of time when you will be attacked – if you did, you wouldn’t need the gun at all because you should be avoiding the situation in the first place. Almost by natural law, criminal attacks take place when people don’t expect them, because if people expect to be attacked, almost all will avoid the situation instead. If you have enough advance warning to prepare for a specific attack, you have enough advance warning to avoid it in the first place.

As I said, this is a good example of a DGU. The threat was clear and immediate, and the response was swift and effective. Good job, ma’am!

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