Courtesy of Weer’d Beard and The Armed Citizen, we have another DGU. This one raises some good points, which Weer’d does a good job of discussing in his post.

By MATT McKINNEY, Star Tribune

Last update: July 13, 2010 – 10:29 AM

A man armed with a knife slashed at a bouncer at a northeast Minneapolis bar before the bouncer shot and killed him early Sunday morning, police said.


Minneapolis Police Sgt. William Palmer said, “It does appear from our investigation that the bouncer was attempting to defend himself against an attack with a knife.”


The bouncer has a legal permit to carry a pistol, police said, though they declined to make his name public. He tried to take the knife away from Gomez, and he required stitches for hand wounds, Palmer said.

Go read Weer’d’s post – like I said, he hits some good points, including the whole “guns in barshysteria, plus the fact that deadly force comes in more forms than just guns. It’s a good read!

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  1. Hey man, thanks for the link, and the flattery!

    Hopefully we can hammer enough of these issues home to get rid of all this gun-free zone foolishness, and somehow the idea of learning to defend yourself is somehow rocket science.


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