Chicago Shenanigans

Sebastian at Snowflakes in Hell talks about Chicago’s gun registration and permitting process and, as expected, there are some wrinkles the city has thrown in to try and discourage or prevent people from completing the process. Some were expected – lots of paperwork (5 pages of forms), unusually short hours for the office handling the process (8:30 am to 3:30 pm), fingerprinting, 5 hours of “training” – but there are some unexpected ones, too. Like the vision requirement. That’s right, if your vision is not correctable to at least 20/50, you can’t legally own a gun in Chicago. Just to give you an idea what 20/50 vision means, look at this.

Snellen Chart

Snellen Chart

As you can see, 20/50 is certainly not good – it’s the fourth line from the top, counting the big “E” – but it’s certainly good enough to see and hit a human sized target at in-home distances – the only place guns are currently allowed in Chicago.

In the comments at Sebastian’s place, Fiftycal notes Chicago is violating the Privacy Act.

My quick review shows they want social security numbers. They do not indicate what for, which is a violation of the Privacy Act. To wit;

The Privacy Act regulates the use of SSNs by government agencies. When a federal, state, or local government agency asks an individual to disclose his or her SSN, the Privacy Act requires the agency to inform the person of the following: the statutory or other authority for requesting the information; whether disclosure is mandatory or voluntary; what uses will be made of the information; and the consequences, if any, of failure to provide the information.

But the real shenanigans? Apparently,  it’s also impossible to complete the forms. From commenter Melancton Smith at Sebastian’s blog.

Also note that currently the permit requires the license number of the State certified instructor.  That particular ‘license’ from the IL Dept of Professional Regulation (DPR) has no number, so the form cannot be completed even if one has the requisite training from a certified instructor.

How much do you want to bet they’ll deny every application that doesn’t have that non-existent number, even if the instructor physically comes in and shows their license to prove there is no number?

I bet there’s going to be at least one more lawsuit coming from this. I hope someone manages to get around at least some of these tyrants’ qualified immunity and bankrupt them personally.

Also, Chicago’s attempts to nullify McDonald have birthed a new category here – “Chicago Shenanigans.” Maybe Robb can come up with another cool graphic for everyone to use? It bet it’ll get a lot of use.

(h/t SayUncle)

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