A car is a glass box

This is something I’ve stated more than once – mainly when talking about situations where someone has to leave their carry gun in the car because they are prohibited from taking into whatever establishment they’re going in to – but I’ve never really explained it. Partially, this is because it should be self-evident after a few moment’s thought, once it’s pointed out, but mainly it’s because I just never got around to it. So what does it mean?

The main point I’m trying to make with that statement, of course, is that a car is not actually a secure place to store a firearm (or anything else, really). Many people will put their pistol in the glove compartment or the trunk not think anything more about it. After all, the car is locked, right? The trunk is locked, right?

Think about how a car is made for just a moment. It is, essentially, a box on wheels. A box is no harder to get into than it’s weakest part is to break. What is the weakest part on a car? The windows. A hammer, a brick, a rock, any of these can be used to break the windows and gain entry to the passenger compartment. Once inside the passenger compartment, breaking into the glove box is generally pretty easy – if it even has a lock in the first place. Getting into the trunk is even easier, since most modern cars have a trunk release somewhere inside the passenger compartment.

But, you say, nobody knows it’s there! Nobody can see into the trunk or glove compartment from the outside!

What if someone saw you put it there? What if someone isn’t looking for a gun in particular, but is looking to steal the mp3 player or GPS you left out, and decides to see what else there might be that’s worth stealing while they’re there? What if someone’s just randomly breaking into cars just to see if there’s anything to steal?

There are gun safes made specifically for vehicles, that can be attached to the frame with bolts or a security cable. Anyone who may need to leave a firearm in an unattended vehicle (i.e., anyone who carries regularly) needs to have one already installed and ready to use.

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