DGU – Fake no-knock FBI raid

Alan at SnarkyBytes brings us this story of an extremely chilling attempted home invasion, where the invaders were dressed as, and claimed to be, FBI agents.

Imagine for a moment that they had been successful in getting in quickly. What is a homeowner supposed to do when there are people breaking in, dressed as LEO’s, and shouting “FBI” or “police” at them? Do you assume they really are FBI? Do you assume they’re criminals impersonating the police so they can get the upper hand? If you’re wrong in either case, you stand a good chance at ending up dead – and you have to make that choice in a matter of seconds.

This is a direct consequence of the ridiculous proliferation of no-knock raids by law enforcement. Such raids should only be used when there is an actual indication of danger to law enforcement if a more conventional method is used.

(h/t Weer’d Beard)

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