Copyright and Fair-Use

Because of the recent predatory lawsuits by a certain Las Vegas paper, and specifically what they have done to close down The Armed Citizen blog and drive Clayton Cramer out of blogging, I have added a Fair-Use disclaimer in the sidebar. This disclaimer specifically asks for anyone who thinks I have exceeded the boundaries of Fair-Use to contact me by adding a comment to the post in question.

I get notified of comments by e-mail, so I can usually respond to any comments the same day. Occasionally, a comment may get trapped in the spam filter. If that happens you will know. Please be patient – I don’t necessarily check that every day, but I should see it within the week.

There is no real “bright line” on what is and is not Fair-Use, and I will work with anyone who believes I have gone beyond Fair-Use to resolve the situation as quickly as possible. In some cases, I may ask to verify a requester’s identity, but I will most likely temporarily take down the disputed material anyway while I do so.

I will not give in to extortion, threats, or lawsuits filed with no attempt to contact me first. I will fight tooth and nail against such tactics. Because the line between Fair-Use and infringement in this media is not always clear, and is sometimes dependent on the whims of the original material’s creator, simple decency calls for a polite take-down request before engaging in lawfare. Please be a decent human being, and let me know if I have inadvertently wronged you before you try to destroy my life.

(Thanks to Robb Allen for the term lawfare.)

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