Another proper ending to a home invasion

One thug is dead and the other hospitalized and facing murder charges for participating in a felony that resulted in a death.

She was doing as police recommend in robberies – comply with a robber’s demands. But her Lady Smith & Wesson .38 special, which she carries by permit, was hidden in her purse – and the purse was being held by one of the attackers.

Then the situation, suddenly, got much, much worse: One of the robbers demanded that she take off her clothes.

Cooperate and you won’t get hurt. That’s what they keep telling us. Remember, that strategy puts your life at the mercy of someone who has already proven he is violent and willing to hurt or kill you to get what he wants. Not to mention the question of what do you do if what he wants is to hurt or kill you.

But what do you do if you’re separated from your weapon? Distracting them might work.

Smith pleaded for her safety and distracted the attackers by telling them she would get her money, which was “in my purse.”

The robbers inexplicably allowed her to drop to her knees and crawl across the floor to her purse, which the second attacker had dropped.

“Inexplicably” my fat pale fanny. I’m betting they did it because it turned them on to humiliate her. They were getting ready to rape her, after all. It was one thug’s last mistake, and very nearly the other’s last one, too.

She reached inside, and the first shot was clear of the muzzle and into the torso of one of the attackers before she even pulled the weapon clear of the purse. Four more shots followed shortly and, in the end, one of the attackers was dead and the second was hospitalized facing a murder rap for having participated in a felony in which someone died.

Good job, and the only appropriate response to this kind of attack. And this is a woman who really gets it, too.

Smith, in an exclusive interview with WND, explained she comes from a family that believes in self-reliance and courage.

“I choose to carry a concealed firearm, because even though I am immensely grateful for the protection from our police departments, I realize they’re not God, so they can’t be everywhere at once.

“Deadly situations can happen in the blink of an eye,” she said. “If you are not proactive … you are a vulnerable target.”

It does illustrate one reason I’m not a fan of, and will actively discourage if asked, off-body carry. As JayG says, “At some point you will be separated from your sidearm, and since Mr. Murphy will not be denied, chances are that point will be the worst possible time…” A gun in your purse is no good if the thug has the purse. Ms. Smith has come to this realization in almost the worst possible way.

“I remember that night and saw my life flash before my eyes. Darreon Carter, the man who was attempting to rape me, had me pinned down to my couch, with a knife at my throat. I knew I didn’t have access to my gun. I thought to myself, I really need to have a firearm for my home, and directly on my person.” [emphasis added]

I can’t imagine the terror of being in that situation. I don’t want to ever be able to imagine it, much less experience it.

WorldNet Daily has more, and more from the interview with her. Go read it, it’ll be worth your time.

(h/t JayG at MArooned)

[Source: WorldNet Daily article by Bob Unruh, July 24, 2010]

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