Vegas paper suing another source

He’s also a former mob enforcer. This doesn’t seem to be the brightest idea they’ve had.

Former mob enforcer turned government witness Anthony Fiato over the years has been the subject of a book by Las Vegas Review-Journal columnist John L. Smith and a source for Smith’s news columns.

Now Fiato is being sued for copyright infringement after Review-Journal reports about the mob in Las Vegas allegedly were posted online on Fiato’s personal blog site.

And he’s apparently been a source for a lot of their stories, too. They’re going to run out of sources if they keep this up.

Also, Sebastian has written a script to use with WordPress blogs to search for links to Stevens Media sources so they can be removed. I will most likely do this later, when I have time and access to a linux box. I’m not sure how to do it from a Winblows command-line (or if the script works in Winblows – I think Sebastian runs linux for most things just like I do).

[Source: Las Vegas Sun article by Steve Green, July 27, 2010]

(h/t Sebastian at Snowflakes in Hell)

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