Gun Pron and short range report!

Today we have gun pron!!!11!!oneone!!eleven! One new acquisition, and one that I had been keeping at my parents’ house because I didn’t feel comfortable (security-wise) keeping it in my apartment.

First up is a Savage Model 110 in .308 Winchester (7.62×51 NATO).

Savage Model 110 in .308 Winchester

After mentioning to my Dad that I was looking for a rifle, he offered to let me have this rifle, which belonged to his uncle. It has a 3-9x scope (I don’t know the objective lens size) with open mounts so the fully adjustable iron sights are also usable.

Savage 110 - scope mounting

Savage 110 - Maker's stamp and adjustable sights

It’s not a high-quality scope, but it’s usable and it works. I may upgrade it to a higher power one someday.

Next up is my muzzleloader.


This is a .50 caliber percussion cap blackpowder rifle, that my parents bought for my birthday one year when I was in high school. Yes that’s a set-trigger, and yes, when you use that set-trigger a stray breeze is enough to fire it. It’s a very accurate gun and very fun to shoot.

I was visiting my parents this weekend, and Dad has a backstop set up in the backyard, so we went out to shoot a bit. We got the Savage sighted in from the 50-yard position. It was just cloudy enough we could use his laser bore-sight to get things lined up, which is good because it was way off – about 2-3 feet above and about 1 foot to the right of point-of-aim at 50 yards.

That took about 6 rounds, and then we decided to move on to pistols since it was threatening to rain. I’m getting better with my Taurus PT-145, but I really need to get my own laser bore-sight so I can figure out where my point-of-aim should be – it has no relation whatsoever to proper sight alignment, and I really don’t like that on a carry gun. I need to learn how to aim that particular gun, or (preferably) get new sights that work for it so I don’t have to learn something different for just one gun.

The Kel-Tec P3AT was, as always, pretty accurate for a gun its size. I had 3 FTE’s in the first two magazines for some reason that required me to completely remove the magazine to clear, but then went through 2 or 3 more with no problems. I’m thinking it was a grip issue on my part. The best answer to that is for me to go shoot more!

The Ruger Mk. III was just a pleasure to shoot, and reminded me that my shortcomings with my other guns are a matter of learning those guns and not lack of ability. Unfortunately, Dad and I only got through one magazine each and then the rain moved in and we had to pack up. Still, shooting is fun!

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