You know that little voice?

The one that says “Something’s odd about this?” Well, sometimes it pays to listen to it. Jay G did, and found something interesting.

There’s this slideshow [Warning: the slideshow is NOT for the squeamish! – Jake] going around purporting to be some Law Enforcement thing taken from a gun battle in the Nuevo Laredo area between warring drug cartels. In discussions in Gunblogger Conspiracy, a link was posted and someone asked about what round could have caused the damage to the Suburban shown in this montage:


The Suburban in question is in the second row on the right. Well, that picture looked eerily familiar. I remembered a story from a couple years back about some guys in a Suburban who wandered onto a range where F16s were making practice runs, and found this picture in a forum devoted to off-roaders:


Same Suburban. Same picture. Makes me wonder about the rest of the slideshow…

I stumbled on the slide show by way of Sharp as a Marble. Something about that picture did strike me as both odd and familiar, but I had to go back to work and it got pushed out of my mind. But as soon as I read Jay’s post I remembered it clearly.

Somebody’s trying to pull something with this slideshow. The question now is who, and what?

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