More on that slideshow

You know that slideshow [Content warning! Not for the squeamish!] I mentioned that Robb Allen found and that Jay G found a totally unrelated picture in? Well, it looks like there are more questions being raised about it. In a comment in the original post at Robb’s James R. Rummel notes that, after a little Google research he has found both a news report and a State Department report that directly contradict the slideshow’s account of events.

The slideshow claims this was a static, 2+ hour battle between two rival, well equipped and trained Mexican drug gangs. The news and State Department reports both state that it was actually several battles, and that they were between a Mexican drug gang and the Mexican Army.

My original position was that, because we found one picture that was totally unrelated to the events of the slideshow – which was presented as being a summarized after-action report – we needed to take the details and conclusions with a grain of salt, but that we shouldn’t discount the report or its conclusions. Trust but verify.

Now, however, we have official reports that directly contradict the slideshow’s version of what actually happened – something the single out-of-place picture did not do. At this point, barring some evidence that the news and State Department reports are wrong and the slideshow is right, I have to discount the entire thing. What it says happened is not what actually happened, and the factual support for the conclusions it draws has been completely undermined. There may be some interesting and useful facts in it, but the bigger lie means that they cannot be believed.

Robb’s original thread got pretty long, and mildly heated, so he has created a new post clarifying his position and asked for the discussion to move over there. In this new post, he says:

At the end, I made a snarky comment about how our lax controls of our border won’t stop this kind of violence from spilling over.

That comment, snarky as it is, still holds absolutely true regardless of the veracity, or lack thereof, of the slideshow. In fact, the new reports underscore that point, because now we see that these gangs are willing to get into dynamic gun battles with an actual national military force. That’s a pretty scary thought, because if they are willing and able to fight the Mexican Army like that, imagine what they could do to a local police force in an American bordertown.

Go read, enjoy, and join in the discussion.

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