The reality behind “Reasonable restrictions”

Weer’d Beard give us a look at the face of gun control, and shows us why it’s nothing more than harassment of the law-abiding.

I happen to live in Massachusetts, which means I need to keep up with my permits, pay extra fees to remain legal, keep lots of paperwork on file of my firearms, as well as if I want to buy or sell guns. I need to keep abreast with the volumes of bizarre laws written by ignorant people who simply don’t like guns, also need to keep abreast with activities that are 100% legal, but might encourage a police chief to revoke your permit for “Bad Judgment” (Open carry is probably the best example of this).


When I do go buy a firearm, be it for my collection, for sport, or for personal defense I need to pick through Approved Roster Guns as well as choose Politically Correct Rifles if a gun I own eats from a magazine that holds more than 10 I need to make sure the magazine was made before 1994. If a gun I want eats from a magazine that holds more than 10 and was made AFTER 1994 (Like the S&W M&P9 which I really want to own) I may NEVER own a “Real” magazine for that gun. All of my guns are registered with the state so that if some law is ever passed where my guns become illegal the police can come to my door and demand the contraband by make, model, and serial number.

I have spent literally HUNDREDS of dollars on gun cabinets, and locks so I may keep my guns in full compliance with the law.


I do this not just because I respect the rule of law in this country, but also because I love my collection of firearms, and I value the protections they grant, and I know a single infraction could completely strip me of my collection.

That should give you a little idea of what strict gun control forces the law-abiding to do just to exercise a Constitutional Right, and to be able to own the best tool for self-defense. Go read the whole thing, it’s educational.

But what about people who are not law-abidng?

On the other side of the coin we have This

“Lakeisha Gadson was acquitted yesterday of involuntary manslaughter in the death of her 8-year-old son, Liquarry Jefferson, who was accidentally shot three years ago by his 7-year-old cousin with a handgun the boys found stashed in a bedroom of her Dorchester apartment.

A Suffolk Superior Court jury also found Gadson not guilty of child endangerment, possession of a firearm, and improper storage of a firearm.”

The gun belonged to a minor-child brother who is a known drug dealer. […] Nobody has any permits or safety training, the “owner” of the gun is of illegal age, the gun is most likely stolen property and was not registered. And of course we have the biggest issue of a loaded gun being left in an area where young children have full access to. (not to mention drugs and other weapons), and what do we get for all these violations? An Acquittal!

The criminals don’t care, and they don’t get punished when they violate the laws. The criminals don’t care, because they don’t get punished when they violate the laws. Meanwhile, law-abiding citizens fear accidentally coming into possession of even one piece of empty brass without the right license, on penalty of a felony conviction. Law-abiding gun owners, who jump through all the hoops and follow all the rules, live in fear that their child will find an empty shell-casing from a Veteran’s Day ceremony and be branded a criminal for life – and that they, as the parent, will be branded a felon, imprisoned, and lose their 2nd Amendment rights forever – over the innocent and accidental possession of a simple piece of brass.

This is the true meaning of gun control. The actual end result of the “reasonable restrictions” on gun ownership that people like the Brady Campaign are constantly pushing for.

Not so reasonable, is it?

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  1. Thanks for the link! This story needs to be spread wide and far. This is the reason for gun control, not to give law enforcement tools to punish criminals for dangerous acts, but to keep lawful people from owning guns, and if they DO own guns make it such an annoyance and hindrance that maybe they’ll decide to give it up.


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