The Ground Zero mosque

I haven’t said much about this, but Bob S. pretty much sums it up.

Muslims do have a right to practice their religion. Muslims have a right to build on private property — but President Obama completely misses the point that they shouldn’t build the mosque there.

Basically, my viewpoint is that it’s their property, so they have the right to build what they want there, and the First Amendment means they can build a house of worship for whatever religion they want, whether we like it or not – I also believe that it’s both insulting and in very poor taste to build a mosque in that location.

But the government has no business dictating whether they can or not. If the zoning laws would allow any religion’s house of worship to be built there, then it has to allow a mosque to be built there, and it doesn’t matter whether you or I like it or not.  That’s what happens when you combine the principles of Freedom of Religion and Equal Protection Under the Law.


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