Situational Awareness and Open Carry

JP at Eyes Never Closed (now added to the blogroll) tells about the time he stumbled into a robbery in progress while open carrying. At the time, he wasn’t carrying for personal defense, he simply was returning home from a range trip and just left the gun on his hip because it was convenient.

I walked into the Circle K, pretty much unaware and clueless about what was taking place. A man was at the counter pointing a snub nose revolver of some kind at the clerk, demanding money. I looked up and noticed him just in time to see him turn his look towards me. I saw his gun and saw him appraising me. I noticed his eyes give me the once over, and then I noticed he locked on at my midsection. I didn’t act. I don’t remember being afraid, but I didn’t know what to do. I was frozen for that moment.

Fortunately, he was extraordinarily lucky. One small difference and he could have easily been killed that day.

I can not stress enough how important it is for you to be aware – how important it is for you to get training. Just do it. Learn your gun, learn yourself, and learn your surroundings. As for me, now days I am constantly aware of whats going on around me. My better half accuses me of being nervous and/or paranoid. When we are out at a restaurant or in a crowd or whatever – I notice whats going on around me. It makes me feel better, and it might just save our lives.

Go read the whole thing.

(h/t Linoge at Walls of the City)

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  1. Thanks for linking my post and putting me on your roll, I will update my roll with your site as well. 🙂


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