Quote of the Day – 2010-09-02

In Philly, police have a history of ignoring the fact that Pennsylvania law recognizes certain out of state non-resident gun carry permits. Several people who have been arrested by police who refused to recognize their legal permits are suing. Most have still not had their firearms returned even when all charges were dropped. One had his guns taken but was never arrested or even charged with a crime. Another got an apology from a supervisor after being held for four hours and then released without ever being charged, but was told he wouldn’t get his gun back because they “already went through the paperwork of writing it up.”

That last one is especially egregious. The supervisor effective admitted that they shouldn’t have arrested him, and shouldn’t have confiscated his gun, and that they had no legal cause to refuse to give his gun back, but that they wouldn’t give it back just because he didn’t want to do the extra paperwork.

All this leads to today’s Quote of the Day:

“If ignorance of the law is not an excuse for a citizen, it cannot be an excuse for law enforcement who are sworn to enforce the law.”

-Richard Oliver, of Northeast Philadelphia

Somebody gets it. Unfortunately, he’s not one of the people it should apply to – he’s their victim.

(h/t SayUncle)

[Source: Philadelphia Daily News article, retrieved 9/2/10]

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