Pet Peeves

Please note:

“Ax” (also spelled “axe”) = a tool used for chopping, usually wood.

“Ask” = to inquire; to present a question or request.

The two words are not interchangeable. Please use them properly.

Also, using proper enunciation and pronunciation, along with forming complete sentences using proper grammar, allows those who don’t know you to understand what you are saying without needing to ask you to repeat yourself multiple times.

While variations in dialect are acceptable, if the average person cannot understand you without difficulty, then you need to learn to be able to speak a more common dialect when needed. You don’t have to stop using your usual dialect under normal circumstances, just be able to speak in a way the majority of people will be able to understand when you need to.

Following the tips above will save you and others much time and frustration when you are interacting with the business and professional world, or outside your normal social circles.


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  1. My kids text me with “Where you at?” and I can not stand that.

    Drives me nuts and I’ve several times have made them correct it before answering. It’s not that difficult to say it right, even texting.

    • Sadly, I hear that one so often that I barely notice it anymore. For some reason, though, I’ve never gotten desensitized to the ax/ask thing, and it just grates on my nerves.


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