The things they don’t tell you

The MSM, that is. I was pissed at the Republicans (and the two Democrats who joined them) for blocking the military spending bill that contained a repeal of DADT. It looked like more of the same anti-gay bigotry that drove me away from the Republicans in ’04. But it looks like the MSM has failed to mention a couple of other even more controversial social amendments that were attached to this bill.

What’s one way to cement your “support” of the military, gay rights, public funding for abortion and open-borders policies while accusing the opposition of obstructionism? Shoehorning them into a military spending bill just before recess, mere weeks before midterm elections, that’s how.

Not just one, but three hotly-contested social issues are lumped into the bill.  While debate over amendments is matter of course for military budget bills, Harry Reid has approved only three.  The lucky few?  The Dream Act, a repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and a repeal of the law prohibiting military hospitals from performing abortions overseas.

With those issues in the bill, I don’t wonder why it got shot down. I can’t blame the R’s anymore, either. This was dirty pool by the Democrat leadership.

And for the record, while I do support repealing DADT and allowing gays to serve openly in the military, I also think putting it into a “must pass” military spending bill is the wrong way to do it. I strongly support the idea of Congress only addressing one issue per bill.

[Source: Hot Air: The Green Room article, retrieved 9/23/10]

(h/t SayUncle)

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