Why would a college student need a gun? – Part Deux

UVA officials alert students after 3 assaults.

Dean of Students Allen Groves said in a memo on U.Va.’s website that two female students were assaulted in incidents on Sept. 17 and Sept. 19 in neighborhoods near the university. He said police have reason to believe that the male perpetrator apparently “blends in well with the student community” and may have been observing the women and waiting for the opportunity to attack.

So, you have a serial attacker stalking women and waiting for an opportunity to attack them without being seen or interrupted. Right now it’s only assaults. How long until he eventually escalate to rape or murder?

Then there’s the third attack:

Groves said the third incident involved a man jumping out of a vehicle and punching a male victim on Sept. 18. Authorities believe the attack was motivated by the victim’s sexual orientation.

In other words, they think it was a gay bashing. How many of those turn deadly, even when that wasn’t the attacker’s original intent? “Armed gays don’t get bashed,” but if they do, they are in a better position to survive it than if they’re not armed.

University of Virginia officials are urging students to protect themselves and their friends after a string of recent assaults.

There’s a problem with that statement. UVA is a gun free victim disarmament zone (but only for students, faculty, and staff), so students, faculty, and staff are banned from carrying the most effective tool for self defense. From the linked Attorney General’s opinion:

It is my opinion that the governing boards of Virginia’s public colleges and universities may not impose a general prohibition on the carrying of concealed weapons by permitted individuals. Pursuant to specific grants of statutory authority, however, it is my opinion that colleges and universities may regulate the conduct of students and employees to prohibit them from carrying concealed weapons on campus.

[Atty. Gen. Op. No. 05-078, January 4, 2006]

This is the same legal reasoning that allows Virginia Tech’s disarmament policy. We all know how well that worked.

Perhaps we should start by reconsidering the bans on CHP holders carrying on college campuses?

[Source: WDBJ7 News website, retrieved 9/29/10]

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  1. I have heard that there are instances in which a concealed carry students have been able to prevent additional deaths and injuries from violent attacks on campuses.


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