And again: College students, guns, why?

Police arrest man accused of targeting females in Charlottesville

Police have arrested a man they believe attacked two UVA students Wednesday night in Charlottesville.

Carlton William Arnold was arrested Thursday.  He was convicted of second-degree murder in 1998 for killing a convenience store clerk.  Arnold served 12 years in prison.  He was recently released.

This guy already had one murder under his belt*, and didn’t waste much time after being released from jail before going out and committing more violent crimes. How violent?

He jabbed the woman in her back with what could have been a gun.  He then walked her to several different locations in the area known as The Corner, trying to use her ATM card.  He fled with money, but not before fondling the woman.

So; armed robbery, assault,  what probably constitutes kidnapping, and sexual assault. It sounds like he was probably still on probation since he was recently released from jail, so hopefully he’ll have all of his remaining sentence imposed for the violation, plus stiff sentences for the new crimes.

But let’s keep UVA a gun free victim disarmament zone. After all, why would a college student need a gun to defend herself against someone like that?

(*Twelve years for murder doesn’t sound like much, but looking him up on the Virginia Court Information System and skimming through some of the results of a Google search for “carlton arnold murder” shows that a) he was only 16 at the time; b) he has some “mild mental retardation”; c) based on a and b, his attorneys raised a question of duress by the other perpetrators as part of his defense, and that became a major issue in his trial; and d) there were two mistrials before they actually managed to get a conviction, and c may have been a major reason for that. It sounds like twelve years was actually a pretty good result.)

[Source: WDBJ7 News website, retrieved 10/1/10]

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