Manufactured controversy

Why is this even an issue?

A Republican congressional candidate from Ohio, countering criticism from a House GOP leader, said Monday that he did nothing wrong by wearing a Nazi uniform while participating in World War II re-enactments.


The House Republicans’ No. 2 leader, Eric Cantor of Virginia, on Sunday said he repudiates Iott’s actions and would not support someone who would dress in Nazi attire. His remarks on “Fox News Sunday” came after Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, of Florida, cited Iott as an example of GOP candidates with extreme views. [emphasis mine]

Correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s kind of hard to do WWII re-enactments without someone dressing as a Nazi. Unless you want to pretend that WWII only happened in the Pacific and we only fought the Japanese, that is. It seems he’s played people from both sides of multiple wars, too.

Iott said he has been involved in re-enactments on and off for roughly 35 years. He said he has dressed as an American soldier for World War I and World War II re-enactments, as well as a soldier from each side of the Civil War.

This is just manufactured controversy for the sake of tearing down one’s opponents, not anything substantial. Debbie Schultz brought it up to make the Republican party look bad, and to put Cantor in a bad position. But that kind of distracting personal attack seems to be par for the course in politics these days, from both parties. It’s disgusting.

Vote ’em all out.


[Source: AP story on Yahoo! News, retrieved 10/11/10]

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