Why should we allow concealed carry on campus?

After all, there’s no crime on college campuses because they’re sacred places of learning that are magically protected from violence, right? Students are safe!

Well, not so much, actually.

Police: Man forced woman into car, threatened her with pen

Orlando police arrested a man on kidnapping charges after they say he forced a woman into his car, punched her and threatened her with a pen.

Police say Neil Ramroop, 28, approached a woman he knew on the Valencia Community College west campus about 9:25 p.m. Wednesday night. The woman told investigators Ramroop took her purse and books, put his arm around her neck and threatened to stab her with a pen if she didn’t follow him to his car.

While it’s not a very good weapon, a pen is basically just a short, pointy stick. It can be used to seriously injure or kill someone. If she had been carrying, she could have ended the threat very quickly.

Make no mistake, it was a very real threat. He threatened her life, then tried to take her somewhere that he could be alone with her. That is an extremely bad sign. For some reason he ended up taking her back to campus instead. The story’s not clear on whether she escaped or he just let her go, but she’s incredibly lucky he didn’t end up raping and/or killing her.

But letting college students – who are supposedly adult enough to live on their own, vote, join the military, etc. – carry the most effective means of self-defense would just be a horrible idea, right?

[Source: Orlando Sentinel online article, retrieved 10/17/10]

(Hat tip to Zendo Deb at TFS Magnum)

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