Election Conundrum

This year, I am very strongly of the incumbents delenda est mindset. All incumbents must go. But, being in Virginia’s 9th Congressional district, that leaves me in a bit of a dilemma with this election. There is the incumbent Rick Boucher, who Must Go, and two challengers, Morgan Griffith from the Stupid Republican party, and Independent Jeremiah Heaton.

Boucher is good on gun rights, with an NRA A+ rating and endorsement, and is one of the few House Democrats who voted against ObamaCare, but he has far too many other strikes against him. He voted for the Porkulus bill, TARP, the auto bailouts, and cap-and-trade; plus he’s not only the incumbent, he’s a true career politician with 27 years in the House. It’s time and past to retire him.

Griffith is better, but has his own problems. While he also has good ratings from the NRA (Boucher got the endorsement because he’s the incumbent) and supports repealing ObamaCare, he’s another career politician, having been in the Virginia House for 16 years and now trying to move up. Unfortunately, he also supports an anti-gay-marriage US Constitutional amendment, which is a big strike against him in my book, and is almost an incumbent himself – he’s just trying to change offices.

Heaton is an unknown, with no political history (actually a good thing), and seems to make most of the right noises based on his website. The biggest problem, and the source of my hesitation, is the biggest problem with most independent candidates – he’s not likely to win, and voting for him takes a vote away from the challenger from the major party, leaving the incumbent more likely to win.

I’m torn, and really not happy with my choices. I’m still pondering what to do, and will probably do so right up until I go vote (this evening, dangit!).

Update: Done. I took the least bad choice. Now I need a gorram drink.

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