Short rant

If you run an internet based store, it is generally good practice to show that an item on your site is not available because it “hasn’t been released yet.” That way, when I order it I know it’s a pre-order. has just lost my business because of not following this easy and common-sense practice. I ordered a CRKT Delegate Gentleman, from them, and got an email about an hour later saying:

Our apologies Item: CRKT Delegate Gentleman-Satin Blade Razor edg
has been Back ordered until: NOT RELEASED YET

Would you like to wait?

Would you like us to suggest an alternative product? SEE BELOW

Of course, they couldn’t give me any indication of when it would be available. The alternative they suggested was the Delegate EDC with white bone scales. I would prefer the Delegate EDC with cocobolo scales, and indicated that in my reply. The response?

That one has not been released either.  Only the  CRKT Delegate EDC Satin Blade Bone scales

Of course, their website did not indicate that, either. At this point I told them to cancel, and specifically told them I would instead order from someone who does indicate that they don’t actually have the product yet.

I’m just a little bit peeved about it.


Update: I ended up ordering from, which specifically notes an item’s availability as part of the item information right at the top of the page. I also ended up getting the Delegate EDC with cocobolo handles – after some reflection, I realized the EDC’s drop-point blade probably meets my usual needs better than the clip-point style of the Gentleman. It’s availability is currently listed as “Usually ships within a week” rather than “In stock”, but because they put that on the item page I knew that when I ordered it!

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  1. Wow. That scores fairly highly on the “pretty freaking retarded” scale.

    In other news, I want that knife (the first one). When it comes out, at least…

    • The Gentleman? I still do too, but after a little reflection I decided that I would probably prefer the drop-point blade on the EDC for everyday use. I’ve ordered that one (in the cocobolo) from

      They actually tell you if something is in stock or not, and the price was about the same, so they got my business instead.

      Funny how that works, isn’t it? 😀

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