Florida School Board Shooting Round-up

Because today I just don’t have the time to really comment on this, and I probably couldn’t say it any better than these folks already have, anyway.

Weerd Beard gives us a rundown on what happened (with video), including making sure to mention the extremely brave man who offered his life to the gunman to try and save others, and the equally brave woman who tried but failed to disarm him – and apparently only survived because the shooter couldn’t have hit the broad side of a barn in broad daylight if he was only standing 2 feet away.

Linoge WizardPC at Walls of the City (I didn’t realize Linoge allows guest bloggers, so I didn’t look at who posted it; mea culpa) points out how formulaic the whole thing was: a victim disarmament gun-free zone; a prohibited person with a criminal record and criminal intent; and it was stopped by another person with a gun. Just like almost every other mass shooting or attempted mass shooting in recent history.

Robb at Sharp as a Marble gives us a hypothetical, and reminds us that this could not have happened since it took place in a victim disarmament gun-free zone, and the shooter was a felon – a.k.a., a prohibited person who was banned for life from possessing a firearm.

SayUncle also notes that this was unpossible.

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  1. I would have thought the “written by” and different user icons would have given that away ;). At any rate, Wiz is less a guest blogger, and more a co-blogger, and we both thank you for the linkage!


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