Do gun-free campuses work? Yet another example.

Courtesy of Weer’d Beard, we have another example of how making college campuses victim-disarmament gun-free zones fails miserably at the anti-gun crowd’s stated goal of saving lives.

Later on the night of October 17, Howard and some of his teammates went to an on-campus dance to celebrate the 38-25 homecoming win over Louisville. Jasper was stabbed to death outside the Student Union Center on the UConn campus where the dance was held. [emphasis mine]

No guns were used, but a young man with a promising future was still murdered. This happens time and time again in victim-disarmament gun-free zones, both with and without guns; yet the anti’s continue to insist that colleges, universities, and other schools are somehow protected from violence because they are  “sacred places of learning” where guns have no place. They continue to fight against allowing CHP holders to carry on campuses, as if crossing that line onto university property will suddenly turn them into crazed, indiscriminate killers – even though they manage to carry lawfully and peacefully everywhere else, every day. They continue to push the myth that underage drinking and “wild parties” makes college students unsuited to owning firearms, and will lead to bloodbaths, even though the students in question are over 21 and therefore not underage, have passed a background check,  and (again) already carry everywhere else without problems. (They also ignore the fact that underage drinking and wild parties are also banned on campus, so – with rare exception – they don’t take place on campus, and the rule against campus carry wouldn’t apply anyway.)

With all these facts against them, and the lack of concern they show for any deaths that don’t involve guns, one has to question if their goal really is to save lives… or to control them.

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  1. I am a huge University of Mo fan, alumni and employee of 26 years. I love my university…I love my Tigers! But, I despise the gun free laws. They keep me from not only protecting myself at work but from protecting myself to and from work because I’m not allowed to have my gun on the premises, not even locked in my vehicle! Talk about taking away my rights!

  2. I’d be more interested in Free Gun campuses myself…


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