Goblin Hat Trick and Quote of the Day: 2010-12-16

From a dead goblin three-fer.

“Criminals pack guns, but they’re not the only ones. They gotta realize that, gotta always remember that, there’s gonna be a time when it’s gonna be their time. Not only the ones they try to rob.”


It’s also an example of good tactics. The shop owner used his sidearm to fight his way to his long gun (a shotgun) while getting under concealment -ventilating one goblin in the process – then proceeded to use the shotgun to introduce the remaining two goblins’ insides to the outside. Good tactics, and what sounds like a good shoot. Being covered by three bad guys with guns is generally a bad time to draw and start shooting, but in this case they were taking his wife off to an isolated area – either they were going to start killing people, or they were planning on doing other things to her (or both). Either way, that’s almost always a signal that it’s time to start shooting despite the odds – because the odds are that they don’t intend for you or your family to survive even if you do cooperate.

[Source: KHOU Channel 11 News website, retrieved 12/16/10]
(h/t SayUncle)

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  1. I have so many friends (females in particular) that say they could never shoot anyone. I always ask, what if it means protecting your child? To me, what this man did was the most honorable thing on earth, he protected his wife and himself and was willing to die doing so.

    How on earth could you stand there and watch them kill or abuse your wife? Obviously the man had put prior thought in to self defense which is the only reason they are both still alive. Too many people have their heads in the sand and will at some point be a victim because of it.


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