The return of the Mexican Gun Canard – with a twist

Now Fox News is teaming with the Washington Post to put out a pro-gun-control piece (warning: the link goes to an auto-play video). The obvious intent is to drum up support for the ATF’s latest attempt to assert authority they don’t actually have.

This time, rather than distorted percentages of guns “traced” to the US, they’re giving a number – 60,000. Of course, they neglect to mention any kind of time frame (over how many years did those guns make their way to Mexico?), or how those guns got there (the trace data only covers the dealer and first purchaser – how many were stolen, how many were sold to another law abiding citizen and stolen from him, etc.?).

How many guns came from sources other than the US? This 60,000 figure seems like a pretty large number, but what does it tell us about where the problem is? What percentage of weapons that are recovered come from the US? Is it significant, or negligible? Would a sudden cessation of guns coming from the US (likely an impossibility no matter what*) actually make a difference, or would it not be noticed at all?

Bottom line: If you’re asking me forfeit my Rights for the benefit of someone else, you do need to show me that they would actually benefit from it before I’ll even begin to consider the idea.

* Consider that the people we want to prevent getting these guns have made a career out of  smuggling or manufacturing things that are illegal. Do you really think they can’t get guns no matter what we do? Especially when you consider how easy it is to simply manufacture their own guns? Also keep in mind how deeply they have infiltrated the Mexican police and military – they have numerous other local sources for guns that also give them easy access to fully automatic weapons.

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