There are no dangerous weapons…

Only dangerous people. In other words, the gun is not the weapon, you are – as demonstrated in this story of a failed home invasion.

The resident at 907 Loch Street heard a knock at the front door and reported he was opening the door when a man with a ski mask holding a shotgun kicked open the front door and assaulted him with the gun.

Other family members heard the commotion and came down stairs to assist the victim.

The family members grabbed the suspect and fought with him and held him until Ofc. Seth Kanode arrived and took the man into custody after a brief struggle.

So we have here  a group of unarmed intended victims fighting and subduing a violent attacker armed with a shotgun. One of the family members was bitten “multiple times” in the fight, but that appears to have been the only injury. What can we learn from this?

  1. You should always check to see who’s outside before opening the door. It might not be who you’re expecting.
  2. A gun is capable of equalizing uneven odds, but it is not a magical talisman. If your opponent isn’t scared out of action by the sight of it and you’re not willing to use it, then it’s useless – like it was for this goblin.
  3. If you can fight, fight! You never know what the goblin intends until he does it, and what he intends may be to kill you and your family even if you cooperate. If you don’t fight, you lose by default. You and your family may or may not survive if you lose, but you will never find out until it’s too late. If you fight, you still might lose, but you might win, too.
  4. You are responsible for your own safety – the police can not always be there to protect you. Notice that the police did not stop this crime, the intended victims did. The police only arrived after he had been subdued – for them to have stopped this crime would have required that they be at that particular house at that particular time. There’s nothing wrong with the fact that they weren’t. They simply can’t be everywhere at once.

The shotgun did not magically make this goblin dangerous, but his victims were dangerous because they had the will to fight. Think about that, and remember it. It could save you or someone you love one day.

[Source: WDBJ 7 News website, retrieved 12/27/10]

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  1. Great advice, and I’m glad everybody is OK in the story!


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