Students don’t need guns on campus! Do they?

Georgia Tech bans students from possessing guns on campus. Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop people willing to commit assault, battery, and armed robbery.

Georgia Tech student Justin Myers recently had a very bad evening. He was expecting guests in his dorm room when four armed intruders greeted him at the door. They were able to steal merchandise and knock out two of the 19-year old student’s teeth for two principal reasons: 1) Armed robbers are always armed, and 2) Georgia Tech students are never allowed to have firearms on campus.


When he opened his bedroom door, the four men rushed him, pistol-whipped him and threw him to the floor kicking him repeatedly in the head. He was concerned for a time that they might shoot him. As they were demanding more money (and he was insisting he only had a few dollars in cash) things nearly spiraled out of control.In the final analysis, only a 22-inch Panasonic television, a laptop computer, a cell phone, and $6 in cash were seized. Things could have been worse. The crazed intruders could have killed the unarmed student.

What about dorm security? Don’t people need a key or an access card to get in? Well, yes, but it looks like that’s not enough.

In the dorm complex where the robbery occurred, residents must swipe an access card to get through a set of outside doors. They also have a key for their six-bedroom suites. Finally, students are provided with a separate key for their bedrooms. But that isn’t enough to prevent such incidents from happening.

As the author of the quoted article points out, barriers and laws won’t stop someone determined to commit a violent crime – only making the victim less attractive as a victim can do that. One thing most of these predators have in common is cowardice – they want a victim who will give them what they want without a fight. If they think someone might physically resist, they will look for someone else.

Against a thug armed with a weapon, a gun makes resistance more effective. Against multiple thugs, a gun gives two advantages above any other weapon – it’s a force multiplier that allows you to effectively stop multiple attackers quickly, and it allows you to do so at a distance whenever possible. It guarantees nothing, but it gives you a better chance at surviving than if you don’t have a gun.

This was definitely a situation where lethal force would have been justified: they forced their way in and immediately became physically violent, outnumbered the victim, and repeatedly told him they weren’t satisfied with what he was able to give them. All are signs that they may not hesitate to kill.

He was in fear for his life, and rightfully so. Unfortunately, he was also left unarmed against four armed thugs because of Georgia Tech’s policies. That should never be the case.

[Source: article “Full Metal Yellow Jacket” by Mike Adams, retreived 12/29/10]
(h/t SayUncle)

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