Interesting report about the AZ shooting

Not much time for blogging today, but I wanted to get this information out.

By way of an e-mail from Phillip Van Cleave of the Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL), we have a report that there was a legally armed citizen at the scene who helped restrain the shooter. (Warning: Link goes to a video that starts automatically.)

Upon hearing the shots, Joe Zamudio, who was legally carrying concealed, RAN TOWARDS the shots (as I expect a lot of  you would have done, too), not away from the shots, hoping to stop the shooter and save lives.  As an armed citizen he was in a position to do just that.  However, upon arriving, he saw that [SHOOTER*] had just been disarmed and two men were struggling to subdue him.  Zamudio, realizing there was no need for him to draw his gun at that point, wisely left it concealed and proceeded to assist in subduing and holding the shooter. [emphasis mine]

Even though he was there, by the time he got into position to intervene others had already stopped the shooter. Yet another indication that nobody, not even the police, can always stop such tragedy, even if they’re right there when it happens.

* As is my usual policy, the shooter in this tragedy shall remain nameless.


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