Quote of the Day: 2011-01-10

There’s more of a direct link between what the next-door cat told this guy to do than anything Sharron Angle said.  – Cranky-D, in a comment at protein wisdom on the AZ shooter.

That’s the truth in a nutshell. For all we know, he did it because she was the ground coordinator for the Zebulon invasion of earth, and his internet ramblings were broadcasts intended to send a secret signal that would allow him to bypass her secret Zebulon security detail.

Everybody who is trying to pin this tragedy on the “violent rhetoric of politics today” or any political system of belief needs to understand this. It seems highly likely the shooter was just plain nuts. His Youtube videos and the accounts by acquaintances – fellow students, friends, etc. – all paint a picture that looks more and more like some form of schizophrenia the more information comes out.

Maybe one day, we’ll find out what was actually going through his head. But I doubt it.


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