2011 Quote of the Year – Video

Since MSNBC seems to have shoved it down the memory hole, here is the video of John Green’s interview on the Today show, where he gives the most poignant quote I think I’ve ever heard.

When I realized it was a ten-minute piece, I intended to cut it down to the relevant portions around the Quote of the Year. After I saw it though, I realized that would have been pure Blasphemy.

If you can’t watch the whole thing, the quote is at about 9:30 into the video, but I do encourage you to watch it all. I do warn you, it’s a tear-jerker – this man’s heart-rending pain is plainly evident, and purely honest.

Our hearts go out to you and your family, Mr. Green. I don’t have the words.

(h/t to Linoge at Walls of the City for the Youtube location of the video. It’s now saved to my hard drive, so that it will NOT disappear again. I hope others have done the same.)

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  1. The internet never forgets, and I am thankful someone thought to archive this video on YouTube.

  2. I could not believe his composure and perspective.

    My daughter means the world to me, and being thankful for our freedoms would not be on the forethought of my mind… Especially 2 days after she died.

    What an amazing American.


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