They don’t want just our guns.

Through some blog-wandering, I stumbled across a new blogger at Uncommon Gunsense, who has recently started blogging after getting banned from everybody’s favourite anti-gun blog for presenting too many facts and logical arguments. Only three posts so far, but it looks promising! Check it out in the blogroll to the right. (h/t Wee’rd Beard)

In the sidebar, she links to another blog’s post called “A Frightening Truth.” It’s an interesting read. What really caught my attention, though, was this in the comments:

The student’s question shows how cowed many of us are, how worried, how “disarmed” physically and mentally. [emphasis mine]

He’s right. Our culture is slowly moving further and further away from the assumption that a person has the right to use physical force, and especially deadly force, in self-defense. You see it with the zero-intelligencetolerance policies in schools, where even the child that is attacked gets punished for fighting back, as if he’s supposed to just curl into a fetal position and take the hits until a teacher shows up – IF a teacher shows up. You see it in television and many movies, where the hero has to wait for the villain to actually shoot before he can shoot back (Han shot first, and he was right to do it!!!)

It made me realize something: This is what the anti-rights people want. They don’t just want to disarm us physically, they want to disarm us psychologically, by making us think that all violence is evil, even violence used in self-defense against an immediate attack. Why?

The only reason I can think of is that a population that is indoctrinated to abhor all violence is easier to control, because they aren’t willing to fight back. Which makes me wonder what their ultimate goals really are.


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  1. When our son was in high school he told us that the school policy stated that anyone involved in a fight would be kicked out of school…even the victim and even if they didn’t defend themselves. Hubby said “you mean that if you get hit but don’t fight back you’ll get kicked out?” Son replied “yep”. Hubby told him he had permission to fight back IF he were attacked. Son replied “cool”. Seems pretty crazy but does explain a lot of the bullying that occurs, poor kids can’t do a thing other than take it on the chin.

  2. “One world government has outlawed war among nations, now social control requires population termination…have we come too far to turn around?”

    That could be their ultimate goal — control — but even if it weren’t, we’d still get a population that’s unwilling to fight, because taking the tools from them all by itself sends the message “let someone else handle it.” Great post. I’d like to see more of us hammering this home, and asking the antigunners why they want things this way — especially considering that the courts have ruled that the police aren’t responsible for our protection.

  3. Their ultimate goals are the same as petty authoritarians throughout history – control, and an armed, willing-to-deal-in-violence populace cannot be controlled. Everything else is secondary, and they do not care if people get hurt in the process – in fact, that makes their goal that much easier to achieve, what with fewer people.

    Bit sick/Machiavellian, when you get right down to it.

  1. They don’t want just our guns. « Freedom Is Just Another Word…

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