Gun control is not about crime prevention or public safety

And Brady board member Joan Petersen has finally admitted it publicly.

I give you the argument of the guys with the “man pants” on ladies and gentlemen-” We’re saying that we’d rather have more gun deaths and lower overall violent crime, than zero gun deaths and higher rates of violent crime if given the choice” And there you have it. Nothing more to say here except “Wow” and “unbelievable” [from this comment at her blog – Jake]

They don’t care about crime, or about “making the streets safer” like they have always claimed. They don’t care if there are more murders, as long as there are fewer murders using guns. All they care about is banning guns, and they don’t care about any of the possible consequences of doing so, or about the people who would be hurt or killed by a stronger assailant because they were prohibited from owning or carrying a gun that could have saved them.

(h/t Heather at Arma Borealis, Linoge at Walls of the City, Joe Huffman at The View From North Central Idaho, Uncle at SayUncle, and anyone else I might have missed.)

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