Light posting.

Sorry for the light posting lately. Life and work have been kicking my butt* for the last week or so.

I am the office geek, which means that I am the person that gets called before our actual IT guy. Recently, one of our clients realized that they are supposed to be encrypting any emails with information about their clients. Since they are stuck with MS Outlook, I had to figure out how to set our office up to do encryption. And I had to do it without having to spend lots of money paying for the required ID Certificates. And, of course, Outlook doesn’t play nice with anything non-MS, including the GPG encryption setup I had when I was using Thunderbird. Fortunately, I managed to figure out how to do our own certificates.

Now the client wants me to get them set up too, and they seem reluctant to involve their own IT department – for which I can’t really blame them. They’re on state computers, and Virginia contracted with an outside IT company. Trying to do anything with them is apparently a real PITFA.

They’re also on Office 2007. Have I mentioned how much I absolutely loathe 2007’s “ribbon” interface? It’s hideous.

Anyway, it’s back to work for me.

*(On a side note, my phone’s typing suggestion for the next word after “butt” is “plug”. Make of that what you will.)

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