Who needs a gun just to cross the street?

Courtesy of trackerk at Geek Warrior, we have a story that should remind us that trouble can happen anywhere, at anytime, and with little to no warning – and that it’s not always humans that we need to worry about.

Charlotte Maughan said she was walking Mollie across the street to her son’s house when two dogs attacked.

“I screamed,” she said. “I just dropped my purse. … I picked up rocks and threw them at them. I kicked at them. Brian was doing the same thing. He went in the backyard and got rebar and hit them with that, and they still wouldn’t budge.”


Charlotte Maughan said she thought her dog would die, so she decided to get her gun.

When she returned, the two dogs still were attacking Mollie. She killed one dog with one shot and the second with two.

There are a few educational points in this story that come to mind.

1) She had a concealed carry permit, but wasn’t actually carrying at the time. I don’t know if she normally carries, but it’s very likely that one reason she wasn’t was that she was just going across the street. When the dog was attacked, she had to go back into her house to get her gun because she didn’t have it on her. What if the other dogs had attacked her instead of her dog? She might not have been able to use her gun if she had it on her, but she certainly couldn’t use it when she didn’t have it. CARRY YOUR GUN!

2) Note the opening of the article:

Charlotte Maughan was too flustered Thursday to find her gun, so she grabbed her husband’s.

“It’s a 9 mm,” she said. “I had said to him, ‘We need to go to the range and let me practice with this gun.’ I didn’t know if I could shoot it. Well, I can.”

She had never fired her husband’s gun before, so the first time she tried was when when she was trying to save her dog. Don’t let this happen to you or your loved ones. The first time you fire a particular gun should not be when a life depends on you getting it right the first time! If you have a family member who hasn’t at least practiced once with each gun in the home, get them to the range ASAP so they can get at least a passing familiarity with it in case they need it. KNOW ALL YOUR GUNS!

3) It’s not always the humans you have to worry about. That dog that’s always wandering the neighborhood but has never been a problem? You don’t know what might set it off and make it a problem (and things like rabies can make it a problem without any provocation). You are exposed anytime you are out of your house, even if it’s just a short trip across the street, or when you’re out working in your yard. CARRY YOUR GUN!

4) For many of us, our pets are our children, but Ms. Maughan’s son raises a good point:

Brian Maughan said the event made him think about how vulnerable children or older adults would be to a similar attack.

“What if it had been a human being?” he said. “That’s just what was really scary about it.”

If that had been a human child, it’s chances of survival would have been much less than an adult dog – humans don’t have protective fur, or sharp teeth to fight back with. A human’s throat is much more exposed than a dog’s, due to walking upright, and a child’s airway is much more vulnerable to damage and blockage than an adult’s (EMT Tip o’ the Day: Children are not little adults!).  The time it took her to get to the house, realize she didn’t know where her gun was, get her husband’s gun, and get back outside to the scene of the attack (which had moved as the attacking dogs were dragging the victim away) very probably would have been enough to make the difference between life and death had the victim been a child.  CARRY YOUR GUN!

The world here in suburban or rural America may seem like a safe place, but wild or aggressive critters – humans and animals alike – don’t always care that you’re in a “nice” neighborhood. Be prepared.

(and use a quality holster!)


(h/t SayUncle)

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