A snubnose revolver for a woman?

Caleb has masterfully summarized the final answer to this eternal meme, which has surfaced again at Breda’s and at Tam’s.

In fact, it’s not a good gun for a new shooter period, man or woman.

You should read the whole thing. It’s pretty short and sweet.

He makes one really good point that bears repeating, though.

If you just drop a snub nosed revolver in your pocket or purse and never practice with it, you might as well just carry a piece of wood that’s shaped like a gun and painted black.  It’d be cheaper than buying a real gun, and will be just as useful as a gun that you don’t practice with.

One of the so-called “virtues” of a snubbie that is often mentioned is how it’s so simple to use that someone can carry it without ever practicing with it and still be able to use it in a crisis. As one commenter at Breda’s put it, “At least you have a gun if you need it, and can reliably get 5 shots off at contact distances.”

The problem is, that’s not necessarily true. If you haven’t built up the muscle memory to – at a minimum – properly grip a gun, get your finger in the trigger, and get it pointed in at least the right direction, then in a crisis situation – like being attacked – you’re going to be fumbling. You’re going to have to focus on getting the gun, getting your finger on the trigger, and getting it pointed at the attacker at the same time your attention is also focused on fending off that same attacker. What if it’s turned in your pocket (off topic: get a pocket holster!!)? Are you familiar enough with the feel of a gun to get it turned around and gripped properly while fighting off an attacker, without accidentally pulling the trigger and shooting yourself? What if you have to use your off hand because your good hand is tied up fighting him off?

Can you afford to be fumbling with a gun when you’re at grappling distance with an attacker?

If it’s your first gun, get something you’re willing to practice with. If you are at least generally familiar with the feel of a gun, you have a better chance than if it’s almost completely foreign to you.


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