Quote of the Day #2 (or is it #3?) – 2011-04-18

From Larry Correia, author of the Monster Hunter novels (among others), in a rant about taxes and the recent budget “fight”.

The money that’s been paid in [to Social Security] already is long gone, because expecting congress to save money is like expecting crack whores to save crack.

Emphasis mine.

Go read the whole thing. It’s both entertaining and educational.

Update: Okay, I couldn’t leave it alone. Here’s another good one (#4?) from his rant:

Every time there is a discussion about cutting some government program, people line up to whine about how that cut is going to hurt somebody. Then you get the sob stories… So we never cut anything. Guess what? They’re not called Budget Pillows or Budget Tickles. They’re Budget CUTS. Cuts are supposed to HURT.

(Again, emphasis mine.) Exactly. TANSTAAFL isn’t just a fancy acronym, folks. It’s a statement of reality.


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  1. Jake, found this fromt he link on Larry’s tax day rant. Yeah that quote is kind of epic. and I agree about TANSTAAFL. It’s something I try and beat into misguided brains all the time. I usually only succeed in raising my blood pressure.


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