So simple even a child gets it – Quote of the Day for 2011-05-11

It’s amazing when a seven year old child can easily understand what so many supposedly highly-educated adults cannot seem to grok.

My sons 7th birthday recently past, we decided to take him to Toys-R-Us for him to get something with his birthday money, Until our son pointed out this [guns prohibited] sign to us.


My wife and I decided that [leaving our guns in the car] wasn’t an option, so we discussed it with our 7 year old. We asked him if he wanted to go in, he said “No, they cant stop bad people.” [emphasis mine – Jake]

See that? A seven year old child understands that victim disarmament gun free zones don’t stop criminals. Yet people like Colin Goddard, a man with a college degree, just don’t get it, and continue to insist on expanding victim disarmament gun free zones until guns are prohibited everywhere, somehow believing that they will prevent mass murders like the one he took advantage of to catapult himself to fame and guaranteed employment.

I wonder how much lower the death toll here at Virginia Tech would have been that horrible day if someone like Prof. Liviu Librescu had been carrying a concealed handgun that day, and been in a position to stop the killer early on?

It’s simple: Victim disarmament gun free zones don’t work. Even a child can see that.


(h/t SayUncle, and a happy welcome to the blogroll to Burgers and Boomsticks. Good parenting shows.)

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  1. mupedalpusher

     /  May 11, 2011

    My daughter (age 14) just told me that when we both started carrying a couple years ago that it made her nervous. She said now it makes her feel more secure and she wouldn’t want us to stop carrying!

  2. This is my story, and Mupedalpusher when i started carrying, by wife was nervous too. The first time i took my firearm out of the house when we went to eat one night she was appalled, she would make me unload it empty the magazine, use a trigger lock, lock my firearm in a safe and the ammo in another.

    About a year later, she carries 24/7 like me, she sleeps with her .38 on the night stand and we don’t lock our CCW in the safe at all. She has come to understand that it’s not the firearm that is the problem it’s the people that do wrong with it.


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