Concealed carry saves lives!

Even against armed attackers.

[Township police Lt. Delmar Lange] said the worker, whose name was not released, saw one of the robbers force another worker from the front of the building toward the rear. That robber then saw the worker in back and started to pursue him.

The worker then fired multiple shots.

The robber tried to fire back, but his gun malfunctioned. The robber and his partner ran out.


He said the worker was licensed to carry the concealed handgun.

They were trying to herd the workers into a back room. Remember, when a criminal tries to get you out of public view, where he can be undisturbed, that’s a sign that he has very bad intentions. It’s a strong sign that you need to FIGHT, because if you do what the anti-rights people tell you and “just cooperate” you’re very likely to not survive the encounter.

The anti-rights zealots like to claim that concealed carriers will, in a crisis like this, start “shooting wildly” and negligently kill innocent bystanders.  Contrary to their claims, this carrier did not do this, and did not shoot any innocents.

Lange said none of the four workers was hurt in the 4:30 a.m. incident in the store at Napier Avenue and M-139.

It’s unclear whether the robber was struck, he said. Police are asking hospitals across the area to report if someone comes in with gunshot wounds.

How many other of the anti-rights zealots’ “inevitable” myths failed to occur in this scenario? The attackers did not take his gun away. The attackers did not shoot  him before he could fire at them, even though they already had their guns out. Shots were fired but no one died. He did not play vigilante and go chasing after them. Am I missing any others?

Also note that, despite both attackers being armed, when they faced resistance and one attacker’s firearm failed, they both ran away. Remember, most (though not all) violent criminals are actually unwilling to face real resistance, and will usually flee when they realize that they do not have an overwhelming advantage.

Self-defense works. Concealed carry works.

And carry your gun. It’s a lighter burden than regret.


[Source: Detroit Free Press article, retrieved 5/13/11]

(h/t SayUncle)

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