Appropriately handling the TSA: Quote of the Day – 2011-05-16

Stingray over at Atomic Nerds tells us about his excellent response to a TSA thug trying to assert his Authoritah!.

Yesterday involved taking LabRat to the airport so she could go look after her mother for a bit. […] Expecting the highest professionalism the TSA is capable of, I opted to come in and watch her clear security to make sure they didn’t discover that my Kindle was suddenly on the banned objects list, or some similar effort to make the skies safer. With a mid-week mid-afternoon flight, the lines weren’t too bad, so I picked a vantage spot where I could see the goons and watch with quiet anger the violation of my wife near the entrance point to the maze-like line path.

As she was approaching the grope-or-ogle point, a young TSA lackey approached him, and demanded he either get in line himself or leave. Stingray’s explanation that he was simply waiting to make sure that his wife cleared the checkpoint without incident fell upon deaf ears, and the skinny little thug-wannabe repeated his demand.

Stingray’s response, while entirely appropriate and satisfying, is not quite Family Friendly, so I’m putting it after a break.

“And as soon as you fucking little thieving perverts decide whether or not something shiny in my wife’s carry-on is banned all of a sudden or not, I’ll be on my way. Now either get a real cop and charge me with something or go fuck yourself you petty little shit.”

This resulted in said petty little shit tucking his tail between his legs and scampering away. Whether he later returned with additional thugs as backup is unknown, because at that point Mrs. Stingray waved to indicate she had made it through the checkpoint without incident, and Stingray then left as he had planned.

To this, all I can say is “Bravo, sir!”


Also, Atomic Nerds has been added to the Blogroll. Enjoy!

(h/t SayUncle)

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