Quote of the Day – 2011-05-18

From Alan at SnarkyBytes, talking about a Marine killed in his own home by a county SWAT team.

Yeah, something is not right when the police in the US have looser rules of engagement than the army in a war.

What happened? According to an article in the Arizona Star, his wife woke him up because she heard noises outside and saw someone at the window. He got her and their child into a closet, picked up his AR-15, and went to see what was going on. He was in the kitchen when the officers opened fire. He was shot 60 times.

The Sheriff’s Department initially said he had fired at officers, but later retracted that accusation. They apparently have made some other claims that were also retracted. Now they’re not saying anything. Those facts together just scream that they know they seriously screwed the pooch and are trying to cover it up.

A writer at HubPages.com makes the observation that lead to Alan’s comment above.

Our troops in Afghanistan are not allowed to shoot bomb-planting terrorists unless the terrorists shoot first, yet here in America the police are authorized to mow down (without warning) a citizen in his own home who hasn’t even taken the safety off his rifle?

Think about that for a minute. The police in the US have looser rules of engagement than the army in a war. Ask yourself what’s wrong with that picture. Then be very afraid for our nation.


[Edit 2011-08-19: So that this shows up in search results that I’m using to link to all the related posts, I’m adding the marine’s name – Jose Guerena – here.]

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