CSGV plays with fire, gets burned

I haven’t posted on it, but many of you probably know about how the Coalition to Enable Criminal Violence Stop Gun Violence (CSGV) has been posting personal information on some gun bloggers on their Facebook and Twitter accounts, alongside their usual lies about what they have said. Well, while we all decided that this was crossing a line that Should Not Be Crossed, and Sebastian even extended an olive branch (which was rather rudely rejected), Linoge did something about it, and reported the tweets containing his information to Twitter.

Well, it looks like the Twitter admins looked at the tweets, and, instead of simply pulling those tweets like Linoge expected, suspended CSGV’s Twitter account completely. Good.

As is typical, CSGV is (on their Facebook page) claiming that Linoge lied about what they posted – while lying about what they posted. Go figure. I doubt they’ll learn from this experience, because a) I think they don’t believe they’ve actually done anything wrong, and b) they’re getting desperate.


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  1. Given their reaction to having their Twitter account suspended, I can guarantee you that they do not think they did anything wrong… even though their actions are clearly spelled out in the Twitter Terms of Service as being unacceptable.

    The rules do not apply to them, because they are Doing God’s Work. Duh.

    Anywise, thanks for the linkage :).

  2. May be this blog’s best writing I have seen.


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